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The seventh Ad


The seventh ad (2010) is a 15'' thriller/mystery short movie produced with Prismanet & HastaLaVista Films.

Entirely shot in Lucca, Tuscany, the short is about a sound engineer (Tranquillo Barneri) who just wishes to end his days and suddendly finds himself living again.

Barneri is a sound engineer at the end of his career and lives on a little pension room, he pass his days bouncing from one cafè to another, seeking on the newspapers for strange ads, just passing his time awaiting for the end to come. One day he discovers a rental ad that looks really convenient, so for the first time he decides to call the number on the ad, fix an appointment and see the house. Then he rents the apartment, and his new life appear to be amazing, all things in his life seem to go better and better, but some strange sounds begin in the neighbor's apartment... 




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