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What does "experimenting" today means? In the Movie Industry this is definitely a luxury.
By definition, an industry's aimed at obtaining profits. And the movie industry is no exception. This area is experiencing today upheavals that undermine the existence of known models. The sudden and almost unexpected fall in production costs (and distribution costs) has made the realization of a cinematic product of a good standard (and its distribution on a global scale) within the reach of everybody. Shoot, edit, distribute are popular terms, no longer within the reach of few people: to make films, narrate through pictures, it is possible for anyone who wants to do it. At the same time, the language seems convoluted, despite the huge visual developments (mostly due to the manipulation of the images - rather than its research - thanks to computer graphic technologies). What then does it mean "experimenting" through this medium (the filming language) today? It's possible? Why should we do it?

I believe it is not only possible, but necessary.

The normal production / creative film process, provides that there are temporally defined steps: definition of a subject and script, writing, rewriting, defining the cast on the basis of the screenplay, production analysis, definition of the production plan, budgeting, casting, location scouting, etc. It's a long process, which leads to a movie that is fully realized, in the best scenario, after many months, often years, from its conception. In these passages the creative idea is modified, restructured, often on the basis of economical convenience. The creativity and the production interface each other as if they were two separate worlds, sometimes antithetical, bringing to the table of the realization different interests. This model differs from the one of any other art form, in which the two constituent elements of a work , a) the creation and b) the realization lives almost simultaneously. Think about what happens in fine arts (painting, sculpture), writing, poetry, and also in performing arts (music, dance, theater).
It is possible for a movie to live within a frame where creation and realization are simultaneous?
This is the challenge.
We want to react to this challenge with an experiment whose goal is to deifne a new creative and productive model.

We'll unite through a research, a director with camera, a screenwriter, some actors (we'll start with two), a production manager. A creative team with equal dignity. A group. A film company. Under few and defined rules.

• The company meets and defines the background of the characters.
• Every Monday a screenwriter writes and deliveries to the rest of the filming company one or more scenes, to be shot the following Friday.
• First screening of written material to determine possible critical points.
• not necessarily the sequence of scenes written and chronologic: the company does not know the future development of the story, but they take inspiration from each other. What the actors do on Friday may affect the script of the following Monday.
• The company, each one in its own field, start the preparatory work to the shooting. Production, direction, actors.
• Friday: the company is on the set to shoot. By the end of Friday all the scenes written on Monday must be shot. No way next friday a scene can be shot again.
• the writer has two days to write the next scenes.
• the director edit the material by Friday, so the scenes can be seen by the company.

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